Location of the camp

The easiest way to find our camp site is just to type in “Pfadfinderzentrum Schachen” in Google maps and you will be right there.

By train

Finally, a transportation modus has been decided. In contrast to prior information, shuttle buses will be provided from the train stations Münsingen and Metzingen to the camp site, but not from Reutlingen. Note that bus shuttles will not be free. The costs are 2 € per person from Münsingen and 4 € from Metzingen (one way).

Travelling to Metzingen train station is recommendable if you arrive from the North via Stuttgart, whereas you should take a train to Münsingen if you arrive from the south-east via Ulm.

A remark regarding the trains to Münsingen:

From Ulm Hbf to Münsingen there will be special trains on 06. and 15.08.2014 which operate only for the reason of our national jamboree. Relating to the motto of our national jamboree “With full steam” these are historical trains, of which you can get an impression on the following website:


You can get the timetable of these special trains via the official timetable of the German railway:


Although these are special trains, the regular tickets of German railways are valid on this connection. Additionally all regular local public transport tickets are valid in these trains, e.g. the “Baden-Württemberg-Ticket”.

However, in exceptional cases it might not be possible to book a ticket to Münsingen in advance, e.g. international train tickets. In this case please buy a train ticket only to Ulm main station. The train ticket from Ulm to Münsingen can be bought either at the ticket machines at Ulm main station or in the special trains itself. According to our information the fare from Ulm to Münsingen is 6.75 € per person.

When buying tickets for long distance trains in Germany it is recommendable to buy the tickets far in advance because you can get cheap “Sparpreis” savings fares. Please note that on long distance trains (category ICE, IC, EC, TGV, CNL) these tickets are only valid for the booked train connection, with exactly the departure times and train numbers as indicated on the ticket. However, in regional trains (RE, RB, S) these tickets are not bound to a specific train connection. On the validity day of the ticket they are valid for all regional trains which run on the booked railway line.

If you are not able to book a cheap “Sparpreis” ticket and if more than six people are travelling together you can try to book a group fare:


For these group fare tickets the same rules concerning the obligation to use a specific train connection apply as for the “Sparpreis” tickets (see above).

If you use only regional trains you might travel cheaper by using regional tickets:


Please note that these tickets are not valid on long distance trains. To get train connections only with regional trains please choose “only local transport” at the online timetable of German railways (see above).

If you have come this far, you certainly realized that buying train tickets is not straightforward. Get in touch with your contact person in the international team if you need help.

By car / by private bus

If you come by car or bus, please note that the direct road from Buttenhausen to the Schachen camp site (see Google maps as mentioned above) will be closed during our national jamboree. Therefore please use the roads via Hundersingen or Eglingen to get to the Schachen camp site.

By plane

If you fly in please use Stuttgart airport which is the closest to the camp site. However, Munich is also recommendable because it offers much more international connections and Memmingen could be interesting because some low budget airlines use it. Stuttgart and Munich airports have train stations. For train connections see above. Memmingen is connected by a local bus, just type in “Memmingen airport” at the online schedule of the German railway (see above). If you use only public buses and regional trains to get from the airports Stuttgart and Memmingen to our camp site you can use the “Baden-Württemberg-Ticket”, which e.g. costs 39 € for 5 persons:


From Munich airport you can either use long distance trains (for savings see above) or use only regional trains with the Bayern-Ticket, which is valid until Ulm Hbf (Ulm main station). From Ulm Hbf you can buy a ticket to Münsingen for 6.75 € (see above).

If travelling from the airport to the camp site by train is not convenient for you, we can help you in booking a private coach that brings you directly from the airport to the camp ground. Please note that the costs for such a private shuttle service will be invoiced directly from the international group.