Rules and traditions on German scout camps

Even at high temperatures, nobody is allowed to walk barefoot across the camp ground as there are many risks to injure one’s feet: like steel tent pegs, bees, saws, axes. So please wear at least simple sandals.

German scouts usually sleep in black group tents (called Jurte or Kothe), males and females together but everyone is free to choose how to do this.

On VCP camps there are a lot of campfires and we love to sing scout songs. So bring your songs, your instruments, your games with you.

We do a lot of pioneering at our camps and build constructions like swings, towers, gates etc. Feel free to be creative.

In contrast to some other countries, the official uniform is only obligatory during official events like the opening or closing ceremony but it is appreciated if participants wear their scarves during the day. Of course, you are free to wear the uniform according to your habits.