What kind of activities/programme can we expect?

An overview can be found here. More details will follow later.

What is a subcamp?

Subcamps are subdivisions of the entire camp having a size between 400 and 700 participants. Subcamps are headed by a subcamp management team. A considerable part of the camp programme and activities is going to take place in the subcamps.

Is there going to be a hike?

Yes, every group is going to be on a hike for two days. We want to give you the opportunity to discover the surroundings of the Schachen (the camp ground). In this way you will have the chance to get to know to the people living at this place, their history, and their traditions. You will leave the camp ground for a longer or a shorter hike and learn more about the Swabian Alb and its history during the industrial revolution. The night you are going to spend off camp on another camping ground.

We want to spend some days in Germany before or after the jamboree. Where should we go? Who can help us?

We propose to coordinate your stay in Germany with your VCP partner group. They can give you advice regarding interesting sights and activities in their region. Maybe you can stay a few days with your partner group and even travel around with them in their region. If you need further assistance in planning your stay in Germany you are welcome to contact the international team (international@bundeslager.vcp.de).

How do the participants cope with every day camp life if they don’t speak German?

Your partner group is there to help you and the first ones to ask whenever you have problems. Moreover, you will be provided with a contact person in the international team who you can also ask for advice. All important information about the camp, e.g. programme, arrival, departure, etc., is going to be published online. Upon arrival you will receive an English camp booklet containing all important information. All important bulletins are going to be summarized in English. Central events are (partly) interpreted or summarized in English.

Are there English activities?

We cannot answer this question in detail yet, but we are working hard to provide English activities.