How are food logistics organized during the jamboree?

Food is prepared in groups of approximately 50 persons, who cook and eat together. There will be breakfast, lunch and warm meals for diner with two or three choices. Ingredients are handed out in prepacked boxes. A particular emphasis is put on regional and sustainable products.

Do we have to bring our own kitchen equipment?

Yes and no. The jamboree does not provide any kitchen equipment apart from gas bottles (bear in mind to bring the correct adapter). On the other hand it is common practice that your VCP partner group provides your group with all kitchen equipment. Don’t forget to discuss this issue with your partner group.

How do we get potable water?

Water taps that provide potable water are going to be placed all over the camp. Water taps and pipes are checked and licensed by the local health authority (the same is true for the sewage water network).

What are we going to eat?

A preliminary meal scheme can be found here.

Is there going to be vegetarian food?


Is there going to be vegan food?

Vegans should contact us as soon as possible (, so that we can accommodate their particular needs.

Is the food halal and kosher? What should I do if I have other special nutritional needs?

We want to accommodate the nutritional needs and customs of all participants as good as we can. To be able to do so, you should contact us as soon as possible (

What do I do, if I have food allergies?

Please contact us as soon as possible ( and specify your allergy.