How much space is available for each participant in the camp?

Space requirements are going to be assessed based on previous jamborees. It is assumed that each participant uses the available space in an economic way and respects the needs of others.

Is it possible to rent the typical German black tents (so called Kothe and Jurte)?

We do not provide a rental of black tents. If you wish to camp in a black tent, contact your partner group. In general, they have enough tents to lend some to your group.

Where is the camp ground located?

The camp ground is located on Schachen near Münsingen-Buttenhausen in the federal state Baden-Württemberg in a biosphere reserve about 70 km south of Stuttgart. The address is:
Schachen 1
72525 Münsingen, Germany

Where is my group going to be located on the camp ground?

This is not decided yet. International groups are going to be located next to their VCP partner group. After the end of the registration period, groups are to be assigned to their subcamps and subcamps are assigned to a location on the camp ground that suits their size.

What is the weather like on the camp site?

During August you can expect temperatures above 25 C during the day and the nights are usually mild. It is worth bringing some warm clothes, anyway, in case the nights get chilly.

Moreover, August is one of the rainiest months, so don’t forget to bring raingear and waterproof tents.

Electricity and cellphones

There will be no electricity provided within the subcamps. Usually, there is a central charging spot for mobile phones. It is appreciated if the use of electronic devices is kept to an absolute minimum.


In cafes, pubs and taverns on the camp site only cash (Euros) will be accepted. There is no ATM on the camp site, so make sure to bring enough money with you. Prices are kept low at factory costs. Nobody is going to run any profit-oriented business.


Bringing valuables with you and leaving them in your tent is rarely a problem on German jamborees. Still, everyone is responsible for his/her own valuables. There will be no lockers for personal stuff.

Cafes, pubs and taverns

It is a VCP tradition that there are cafes, pubs and taverns in every subcamp where you can buy sweets, food and beverages during the regular opening hours. Only cash (Euros) will be accepted.

Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

Alcoholic beverages will be sold in some pubs and taverns during the evenings and may only be consumed within these areas. Participants have to be above the legal drinking age to buy alcohol.

Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas for participants above 18. Cigarettes and tobacco are not going to be sold on the camp site.

This is a drug free camp. Participants caught with or consuming illegal drugs during the camp duration will have to face severe consequences both from the camp management and from German law enforcement authorities.